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We has been manufacturing,supplying and exporting our world wide customers with full-line of high quality Backpack Fabric.We have qualified squad of highly skilled and dedicated workmen putting their best to produce the best quality products for international customers. And we strive hard to cater a wide range of our customers' business needs and supply our quality products across the globe. On the basis of our advanced equipment and excellent technology, we are offering a wide range of products relying on strict quality control, scientific management and multi-procedure during quality check. We welcome new and old customers to contact us for future business relationships.
  • Fabric Nylon - BF 2-1
    BF 2-1 : Fabric Nylon
    1. Nylon Fabric 210D~1680D , High Strength Fabric 400D~1050D
    2. Feature : Soft touch, Good color-fastness, Punching Resistant  
    3. Special Function : Printing & (Vinyl, Ultra-light) Waterproof Coating at least 10,000mm H2O.
    4. Color: Diverse colors can choose or can be customized.
    5. Supplied materials process is welcome.
    6. Origin: Taiwan

  • Cordura Fabric - BF 2-2
    BF 2-2 : Cordura Fabric
    1. Cordura Fabric 500D,1050D
    2. Feature : Ultra-light weight, Durable,Fiber Abrasion, Oil Replellency, High Bonding 
    3. Special Function : Printing & (Vinyl, Ultra-light) Waterproof Coating at least 10,000mm H2O.
    4. Color: We provide color customized service.
    5. Welcome to contact us and inquiry about standard and you requirement.
    6. Source : Taiwan

  • Ballistic Fabric - BF 2-3
    BF 2-3 : Ballistic Fabric
    1. Ballistic Fabric 420D~1050D
    2. Feature : High Intensity, Durable, Punching Resistant.
    3. Special Function : Printing & (Vinyl, Ultra-light) Waterproof Coating at least 5,000~10,000mm H2O, C6 W/R Available .
    4. Color : A variety of colors or customized design is welcome.
    5. Any inquires about your functional standard and requirement would be welcome.
    6. The place of origin : Taiwan

  • Fabric Polyester - BF 2-4
    BF 2-4 : Fabric Polyester
    1. Polyester Fabric 150D~1800D 
    2. T/CD Fabric, T/C Check, T SPUN
    3. Feature : Easy Care, High Intensity, Corrosion-resistant, High Color Fastness.
    4. Special Function : Printing & (Vinyl, Ultra-light) W/P Coating.
    5. Color: Single color, pearlescent color, or customized per request.
    6. Request to follow sample to produce is acceptable.
    7. Origin: Taiwan

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Backpack Fabric

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