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Our company devotes to produce the supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Functional Fabric in superior quality but with cheaper prices, as well as the excellent service to our costumers. As for our professional know-how and well-controlled processing line, Monden team is sure we may support you the best product with the most competitive price. We own ourself factory and strict quality control systems. Good quality, fast delivery time are guaranteed. Look forward to hearing from you soon and having a good cooperation with you.
  • High Performance Fabric - FF 11-1
    FF 11-1 : High Performance Fabric
    Functional Fabric
    What We Offer?
    In response to various demands from customers, we invest and are equipped with various machines, materials, professions and passion to be tailor-made the products such as waterproof, water repellent, abrasion resistant, high UV protection, breathable, light weight, coated and laminated fabrics.
  • Water Repellent fabric - FF 11-2
    FF 11-2 : Water Repellent fabric
    Waterproof Fabric
    We have different types of membrane/film/coating to reach specific water colume requirement. With our special coating system, we can offer waterproof fabric range from 500-15,000mmH2O.
  • Abrasion Resistant Fabric - FF 11-3
    FF 11-3 : Abrasion Resistant Fabric
    Abrasion Resistant Fabric
    By using different combination of raw material, we can offer excellent fabrics with strong resistance of abrasion in different colors and structures to extend the life usage of bags, luggages, floor mat, tent, soft bag, motorcycle bag and automobile (car, marine, motorcycle) cover etc.
  • UV Protective Fabric - FF 11-4
    FF 11-4 : UV Protective Fabric
    UV Protective Fabric
    UV protection is one of the important points for outdoor fabric. Our UV can reach 500 hours, 800 hours, 1000 hours and 1500 hours by standard ISO 105 B02 or level 4 after 1500 hours by ISO 4892-2. Compared to piece dyed fabric which only has approximately 80 hours. High UV protection fabric is suitable to use in tent, canopy, backpacks etc.
  • Breathable Fabric - FF 11-5
    FF 11-5 : Breathable Fabric
    Breathable Fabric
    Breathable fabric combines the properties of both good waterproof coating and excellent breathability, which is ideal for outwear, outdoor, medical and raincoat etc. It is also windproof and is available in different colors, patterns and specifications.
  • Coating Material - FF 11-6
    FF 11-6 : Coating Material
    Coating Material
    We offers varieties of coated material such as TPU, PU, Vinyl, 31-P free. According to its function and use, different thickness and waterproof requirement are available upon request.
On the future developing road, we will take good advantages of our research as usual, and continuously explore the use of new materials and technologies to improve the quality and function of our

Functional Fabric

, thereby to meet all needs of customers.