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Our company's Green Fabric of manufacturer, supplier and exporter is positive of continued growth in the months ahead, although most expect increases in overseas revenue to remain within the large percent range. Although most are confident of sales remaining on an upward track in the months ahead, decelerating growth and increasing competition are prompting them to explore various areas for additional orders.
  • Dope Dyed Fabric - GF 10-1
    GF 10-1 : Dope Dyed Fabric
    Dope Dyed Green Fabric
    Why Green Fabric?
    Textile disposal has been proven to be a serious environmental problem. Green fabric is our promise in response to sustainability. Dope dyed is one of the most significant solutions.Therefore, woven fabric can skip the process of fabric dying, saving 85% water, 65% energy, 60% chemicals, 60% CO2 emission. On top of that, dope dyed yarns have better uniform in colors, washing and light color fasteness, and stronger UV resistance.
  • Polyester Fabric Dye - GF 10-2
    GF 10-2 : Polyester Fabric Dye
    Polyester Dope Dyed Fabric
    Our Dope Dyed Polyester yarn is available in 150D, 300D, 450D, 600D and up to 1200D or any other customized specification and function is welcome.
  • Nylon Fabric Dye - GF 10-3
    GF 10-3 : Nylon Fabric Dye
    Nylon Dope Dyed Fabric
    Our Dope Dyed nylon yarn is available from 210D up to 1000D with the additional choice of abrasion resistant and fire retardant.
  • Environmentally Friendly Fabric - GF 10-4
    GF 10-4 : Environmentally Friendly Fabric
    Eco Tech Fabric
    Eco Tech Fabric is a series that we aim to merge the most advanced performance and cotton-like outlook and hand feel. It may blends with dope dyed yarns such as polyester, nylon, spun, acrylic...varieties of material., which offers excellent abrasion and UV resistance, color fastness, water repellent and waterproof.

Green Fabric

have been adopted by many companies and have been successfully exported to various countries in the world. Now we sincerely expect to develop long-term cooperation with you.