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Established in Taiwan, Our company, a professional manufacturer, supplier of Laminated Fabric has a wide range of product lines. We have successfully marketed and exported our products abroad. We continue substantial investments in research and development to produce products at the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency. It will be your wisdom selection to cooperate the business with us. We sincerely hope to be your best partner in business. Don't hesitate and contact us as soon as you can!
  • Fabric Medical - LF 12-1
    LF 12-1 : Fabric Medical
    1. Nylon Fabric
    2. Polyester Fabric
    3. Spunlace Non-woven Fabric
    4. Special Function : TPU Bonding, Vinyl Coating, Ultra-light weight, Breathable
    5. Color : customized design
    6. Pattern, color, testing standard and other discussion are welcome.
    7. Origin: Taiwan

  • Mattress Fabric - LF 12-2
    LF 12-2 : Mattress Fabric
    1. Breathable 3,000~10,000 mmH2O/24hurs
    2. Clean Protector
    3. Jail Mattress
    4. Color: Diverse colors can choose or can be customized.
    5. We are capable to design customized product and meet your special needs.
    6. Manufactured by Pocotex Technology Inc. Taiwan.

  • Tent Materials - LF 12-3
    LF 12-3 : Tent Materials
    1. 20D~70D Micro Fiber Material
    2. High Waterproof, Breathable, RF Welding Available
    3. UV-cut, Blackout...etc Special Function for Customized.
    4. Color: Colors can follow Pantone color guide or can be customized.
    5. Any inquires about your functional standard and requirement would be welcome.
    6. Manufactured by Pocotex Technology Inc. Taiwan.

  • Rainwear Fabric - LF 12-4
    LF 12-4 : Rainwear Fabric
    1. Taslon 228 Fabric with Special Crinkle Finishing, Soft Touch
    2. C6 Water-repellent & Non-fluorine Water-repellent Eco-friendly
    3. High Breathable & High Waterproof
    4. Colorful Fabric Application 
    5. Color: Diverse colors can choose or can be customized.
    6. We are willing to produce products as your sample.
    7. Produced by Pocotex Technology Inc. Taiwan.

Equipped with high end facilities and a

Laminated Fabric

of highly qualified and experience professional the company thrives to deliver the best of quality at the most affordable cost. Going forward, we pledge to give our best in terms of value and customer satisfaction.