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Our company based manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality POCOTEX Fabric. We are an export-oriented enterprise which integrates design, development, production and service. Due to low labour costs and highly skilled work force & state of the art production facility, we are able to manufacture high quality products at lowest prices and provide value for money. We sincerely welcome all friends home and abroad to contact us,either by establishing business relationships or to work together to obtain mutual benefits.
  • Fabric Recycling - PF 8-1
    PF 8-1 : Fabric Recycling
    Recycle Fabric
    Recycled fabrics from POCOTEX can be made of nylon or polyester, which has the advantages for the environment below.
    ❖ Environmentally friendly
    ❖ Save natural resources
    ❖ Lower carbon emissions and use of chemicals
    ❖ Stable quality
  • Eco Friendly Fabric - PF 8-2
    PF 8-2 : Eco Friendly Fabric
    Green Fabric
    Green fabric includes the concept of high UV performance, blended weaving (PP, Nylon, PE) and dope dyed yarn, which is created by adding masterbatch colorant to the polymer melt in spinning. No extra dyeing process is required. It saves water resource for our mother earth.
    ❖ High UV-protection
    ❖ Uniform in color
    ❖ Excellent color-fastness
    ❖ Reduction of demand for dyes and fixing agents.
  • Performance Upholstery Fabric - PF 8-3
    PF 8-3 : Performance Upholstery Fabric
    Functional Fabric
    Functional fabrics give multiple protection in one single fabric. Besides, it could apply special film and membrane which could also make composites. For example, fabric+fabric, fabric+plastic, fabric+foam, fabric+wallpaper...etc. A combination of high performance function.
    ❖ Abrasion resistant
    ❖ High strength/ tenacity
    ❖ DWR / Waterproof 
    ❖ Breathable
    ❖ Anti-bacterial
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